Jennifer Boresz is an award-winning and Emmy-nominated journalist who is passionate about getting to the heart of a story!

Jennifer's genuine interest and easy-going manner make her interviewees feel at ease, and she loves meeting new people and hearing about their incredible life experiences and then relaying those tales with others- whether she's telling it on-camera or behind the scenes.

As a freelancer, based out of her hometown of Cleveland, Jen is able to use her skills as a one-stop-shop. What does that mean, you ask? Well, she can pretty much do it all- hosting news/commercials/industrial videos (pre-taped & live;) writing (print, Web & broadcast;) producing; photography; videography; editing (print & video) - and she loves every minute of it!

Before becoming a freelancer, Jen was a general assignment reporter on the weekday morning shows at CBS affiliate WTOL, in Toledo, OH. Even though she woke up at 2:30 in the morning, and was live by 5, she was an energetic reporter- quickly switching gears from hard-news coverage at a courthouse on one show to showing her sense of humor and engaging viewers by cooking up a storm or even driving a monster truck on the next! Jen also enjoyed filling-in at the anchor desk- no matter what time of day- morning, noon, or evening.

Before working at WTOL, Jen reported and filled-in anchoring/producing at another CBS affiliate, WSEE, in Erie, PA. While there she spent a lot of time knee-deep in “lake effect snow” and even covered a major multi-week-long murder trial an hour and a half away from the station.

Some people may bring back a coffee mug as a memento from the various cities they work in, Jen (who has a soft-spot for animals) brought back something even better . . . kittens!

While anchoring the morning show in Erie, a local pet rescue group brought on an orange tabby kitten who they discovered in a puddle of water on the side of the road, and just prior to a live report at a local elementary school in Toledo a small, black frantically-meowing kitten, climbed up Jen's pant-leg. Now, Bengel (the orange tabby) and Bella (the black cat) are grown and spend their days playing and curled up next to the window in a warm, puddle of sunshine.

Jen's always up for a new challenge and work adventure (for example, she recently appeared on the silver screen for the first time playing a principal role as "Reporter #3" in the Tony Scott-directed movie “Unstoppable”- starring Denzel Washington,) but when she's relaxing during some time off she loves enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors (especially at the beach) and cooking new recipes for family and friends!

Jen earned a bachelor's degree in Communication, and a certificate in journalism, at Cleveland State University.

Jennifer Boresz
Broadcasting, Web, Print